Blog Intro

IntroIntroThere are so many things I’ve done in my life which I have fond memories of and nothing more. Other parts that I’ve had great intentions to document the lessons and regrets of for improvement of both myself and others, but haven’t. As life became and has remained logistically crazy, those intentions simply became an unfulfilled to-do list item. I am grateful that today I have those memories and learninIntrogs clearly in my mind, but afraid that someday my well-being will go and they will vanish without a trace. So with each new beginning comes a new opportunity to get it right. And this time I (we) will…

IntroIn April, 2014 Sean and I were offered an amazing opportunity to live and work abroad together, and explore parts of the world we never would have otherwise. As soon to be newlyweds, this was something we could not have imagined, and 6 months later (finally married!) still have a hard time believing. Our goal is to make the most of this opportunity; make it matter in more ways than one. As someone whose been a dreamer most of my life, writing and reflection are important parts of turning that goal into a well documented story to take with us and even share with our kids many years down the road.

This blog will be mine and Sean’s way of sharing and reflecting much of what comes out of this ~2 year whirlwind of an experience. My primary goal is to capture the discoveries, the hardships, the joys, the challenges, the lessons and the humor, so that our experience remains prominently present in our hearts and mind long after this episode in our lives is over. And that’s why, if some entries seem “diary-ish” at times it is because, in a way, this is our journal for the next 2 years.

As a bonus, many close friends and family have expressed the desire to stay up to date on our journey and we are more than happy to bring you all along for the ride. We will not be pushing individual posts out for fear of being intrusive to the already overwhelming amount of communications and responsibilities everyone has to deal with, but for those who are interested, feel free to set your notifications accordingly or check back often. We also encourage many thoughts, ideas and comments from our beloved peanut gallery!