7 Survival Essentials when Moving Abroad

Hard to believe that exactly a year ago I was fresh off the plane, living out of 2 suitcases including a self blown up camping mattress and unable to even figure out how to do a load of laundry with my new dutch labeled appliances. Fast forward 368 days… what an incredible transformation I’ve personally been […]

2014: One “Grote Jaar” of thanks and gratitude

2014 has been the wildest year yet for me, and that says a lot, because for those who know me my years are anything but dull (Sometimes in a good way. Sometimes definitely not. Never dull). But this year has been wild in a fantastic, exciting, dreams coming true, pinch me kind of way. I think of all that has […]

Giving Thanks in Prague (Czech Republic)

As we keep traveling we find that some trips are better than expected, some are underwhelming or veer slightly off course, and most have at least a few variables which you can’t plan for. There were so many beautiful and wondrous parts of Prague I can’t wait to share. However, our trip didn’t start off […]